Mon to Sat at 09:00am to 03:00pm
c/o Sikar Hospital, Opp. District Court , Near by Kalyan Circle, Sikar-332001
01572-256222, 270565

The hostel facility to trainees is available in near by own “hostel Building” for lodging and boarding. All facilities related to Hostel will be provided.


Facilities Available

   Mess Facility

o    24 hours security

o    Sports Facility

o    Visitors room

o    Common Recreational room

o    Student Capacity:60



  1. Hostel facility is available to all the students. Every student male/female admitted in Nursing College are bound to follow the rules and the regulations of the Hostel and orders of hostel warden have to be adhered to.
  2. To stay in hostel is compulsory for each student. Generally outside stay from the hostel will not be allowed unless competent authority grants permissions.
  3. Parents and natural guardians of the students may nominate the local guardian who will be responsible for students in their absence.
  4. Local guardian of student will be entitled to submit their personal data along with photograph to the principal. On the request of local guardian with the permission of hostel warden. The student will be allowed to go leave from hostel. In case responsibility will be of parent and local guardian.
  5. The parents/local guardian will be allowed to visit their ward only on Sunday or any appointed day. In case of emergency prior permission should be taken from respective authority.
  6. The students should not supposed to keep any valuable item/money in Hostel rooms. In case of misplacement it will be the total responsibility of the students themselves.
  7. Weekly outing is allowed to students for two hours only on Sunday. Every student is instructed to maintain daily attendance.
  8. The students are instructed to keep the rooms neat clean & tidy. Hostel warden is empowered to check any room at any time, and if found guilty may be warned or punished.
  9. The late night entry in hostel will not be allowed. The students are strictly instructed not to keep any drugs/ Alcohol/intoxicants/smoking material. If found strict action will be taken by the authority.
  10. No student can claim for accommodation of her/his own choice.
  11. If any fan , tube light or any other electrical appliance are found to be running unnecessarily will be fined.
  12. Any electric rod and press (iron )  etc. will not be allowed in hostel .
  13. Use of  mobile is prohibited in Institute campus. If student  is found using mobile, I would be confiscated.
  14. Hostel fee is applicable for 12 months only if due to any exam delay or supplementary exam or any other reason stay is prolonged student has to bear the charge for subsequent stay.
  15. All the students are advised to follow the above mentioned rules and guidelines for Hostel so that better environment for study may be maintained without any disturbance.